PS3 Eyetoy – Win 7 – 64bit

Wer auch immer die PS3 Eye Toy unter Windows 7 – 64 Bit benutzen will der sollte wie folgt vorgehen:

  1. Treiber runterladen und installieren von http://codelaboratories.com/products/eye/
  2. folgenden Treiber auswählen CL Eye Platform Driver
  3. Wichtig die Kamera darf nicht eingesteckt sein!

Bei mir war es hinterher wichtig, dass die Kamera nicht über einen USB Hub angesteckt war, sondern einen eigenen USB Anschluss bekommen hat, ansonsten hat sie nicht 100% funktioniert!

Viel Spass




Tell me, who is always there?
when i walk on the paths of no-where?
when i am on my down on my knee
the only one whos there, is me …


Poem: Me


It seems like yesterday,
you where a part of me.

Now broken soul, restless spirit, shattered mind,
incessant this haunting shadow behind.

Searching for distractions seems not fulfilling,
slowly all of myself is milling.

Some highs more lows every day,
always in search for a save bay.


Poem – You

Schon länger fertig, habs nur vergessen zu posten :)


How is it looking in the mirror every day?
Knowing that you’ve chosen the wrong way?

Now it’s to late everything is gone, now you
know everything went wrong!

You’ve had your chances, you passed them by
now look how to live with your lie!


Poem 4 – Breakup


when you think theres only darkness around
and your spirit feels like it is forever bound

all of a sudden there is a blinding light
and you can feel your former might

did i found the perfect solution?
or is it a cruel illusion?

clouds are fading away and the sky is brighter
am i now the old fighter?


Lyric – Poem 3


Day by day things are wandering through my hand,
taking me back to my wonderful fairyland.

Empty hopes mingled with to big expectations
don’t waste time with your lousy explanations.

Silent suffering when everything reminds of the past
now its clear there is nothing that will last.

Peaceful times are far away,
is there anything more to say?

Answers are very hard to find,
why have i been always so blind?

In my lonely heart and my burning soul,
from now on there is an unfilled hole.

Redemption when will it come?
Or am i from now on, the lonesome?


Lyric – Poem 2


Life can be sometimes rough,
you will be broken if you dont
stay tough!

Once again waking up all alone…
every day the same question,
where is my home?

Virulent thoughts chasing through
my mind, its hurting when no one
stands behind.

Every moment seems like a
dejavu, the only thing that’s
missing, is you.


Lyric – Thoughts


“These days i wish to turn back
the hands of time, a chance to
make everything fine.

Happy days seem so far away,
everything is turning into gray.

Rays of light through all the
clouds yield to more new doubts.

Let her go, to get her back?
Or is it just another trap?


Epad Android 2.1

Hier mal n kurzes Video zu meinem Epad :)


21 Must-Have Android Apps – Simple Help

Interessante Apps die ich aufgegabelt habe! Der Taskkiller ist echt lebensnotwendig und holt gut Akkulaufzeit raus. Alle 21 Apps hier

–> http://www.simplehelp.net/2010/03/16/21-must-have-android-apps/


TuneWiki is an alternative to the default music app. It has some nice features, like automatically downloading album art, displaying lyrics along with the song, music videos, etc. I do not use it because I found it a bit buggy, and it downloaded the wrong album art and failed to find lyrics for some of my more obscure music. However, you should give it a try if you have been let down by the default app.

Advanced Task Killer

Advanced Task Killer allows you to end all the apps running in the background, which slow your phone down and drain the battery. There are plenty of other apps like this in the market, this is just what I like. If you’d like to try something else, try Advanced Task Manager.

Audio Manager Widget

Audio Manager Widget doesn’t work too well as a widget for me, but I find the app very useful for quick access to manage all the audio levels of my phone. It recently updated with a much friendly interface, so if you had it before and uninstalled it, why not try it out again?